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  • Definition:

A best practice is that action which is executed with efficiency in managing the resources used and with criteria of good governance in its design and development, and contributes significantly to improving living conditions and development in a context determined and it is expected that, in similar contexts, yield similar results.

Therefore, best practices are those who:

• Have a demonstrable and tangible impact on improving the people quality of life
• They are the result of collective effective working between different sectors of society: public, private and civic

• Are socially, culturally, economically and environmentally sustainable.
• Can be adapted for be replicated in similar contexts

Best practices pursue the following objectives:

• Improve the performance of urban projects based on what works
• Increase awareness of responsible for the formulation of plans and projects at all levels and of the general public about possible solutions on social, economic and environmental problems.
• Share and transfer knowledge and experience through learning with experts and a networked system. 


  • Criteria for identifying best practices:

We analyzed different criteria for identifying good practices used by various specialized agencies in locating and cataloging best practices. Based on this analysis, we have defined the criteria that KTC Malaga are going to use.


Can be when traditional approaches to performance change, or start a model-based experiences that are directed to solving problems in different settings and contexts.

  1. In what way there has been innovation: the problem statement, in the procedure or resolution?
  2. Does Innovation come from some other pre-existing experience?
  3. What new technologies have been applied?

Definition of guidelines that let advance on the achievement of specific goals. These lines or strategies must be related, not only with the objectives, but with the actions and outcomes adapted to the circumstances and context of stakeholders.

  1.  What were the project's goals; were they measurable and quantifiable? 
  2. What have been the strategies for achieving the objectives? 
  3.  Have all stakeholders been involved in the definition of strategies?

The participation of everyone involved in the project is contemplated: public-private and public-public cooperation, establishing the powers and responsibilities

  1. Who have been the partners? 
  2. Have participants been involved in the develop of the project? 
  3. What has been the general division of responsibilities between the parties involved? 

Observable, tangible and positive changes have been developed in the scope of the project

1.Who have been the direct and indirect beneficiaries? 

2. Over time, which tangible improvements have been observed in beneficiaries and community?  

3. Which tangible improvements have been observed in the scope of the project?

Evaluation and effectiveness

Creating a systematic for monitoring and evaluation of actions and the level of compliance of objectives. The initiative or action demonstrates the achievement of objectives by evaluating and documenting the results.

  1. What activities have been carried out to achieve the objectives? 
  2. Compared with the defined objectives, which have been the results of the project?   
  3. What indicators are used for monitoring objectives?

The experiences have been designed and planned to remain over time: to consolidate forms of relationship and action involving all stakeholders, and to take into account the cost-effectiveness-efficiency-benefits, according to their future maintenance

  1. What actions have been lasted over time? 
  2. Have been evaluated the impacts of actions: on beneficiaries, on community and over time?   
  3. Has been planned how to finance the running of the project once completed?
Transfer capacity

Ability to serve as a guide or model to apply the experience in other areas and similar settings

  1. Has been applied this action in another area or place?   
  2. Can be possible to interact with other agencies or programs?


To be considered a best practice, we will apply these criteria to all experience we will receive. If so, we post it in the section "Catalog of Best Practices". Other cases or experiences considered interesting, will be included in "Other cases of interest"