KTC - Málaga (english) - Toolbox and methodologies

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One of KTC Málaga goal is to identify, collect and put to the service of the network members a "toolbox". Here is a list with different approaches and methodological tools that have served other territories for improving their urban strategic planning.


  • Name: Analysis HDP/FPD: Facts, Challenges and Projects in strategic territorial planning


Suitable in any city.

Allows greater objectivity.

 It can be incorporated into ongoing projects.

 It analyzes key facts affecting the economy, society, territory and sustainability and governance

 It is oriented to the Transversality.

 Allows, like SWOT, broad participation and more clearly challenges, opportunities or dangers.

 Challenges shape the future vision or model 

Link: Download document (spanish) 

         Download document (french)

Other data: Tool provided by Mr. Josep Mª Pascual (EQU Director)