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Place: conferencia rooml OMAU

Date: Mars, 22th and 23th 2012

Comments: CIEDES Foundation has been designated Knowledge Transfer Center in Methodology and Best Practices in Strategic Planning (KTC). The launch of the KTC was the last 22th and 23th March, in the Urban Environment Observatory-OMAU, in this seminar participated: differents experts in strategic planning in the Mediterranean area paticipated, and were represented cities of Lebanon, Turkey, Tunisia and Italy.
During these two days, were exposed some examples of best practices , and launched the work to do in Malaga for the consolidation of KTC.

 All the documentation is aviable in section "News 2012" of our website: "Launch Seminiar KTC-Malaga Conclusions"

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Opening:  http://youtu.be/jiZhdi4olKA

"Continuos innovation in methodology and strategic processes"

Lecture of Mr. Josep Mª Pascual: http://youtu.be/R5GGdtXr_Kk

Best practices presentation by Mr. Joan Campreciós: http://youtu.be/THON-gUMFnM

Debate: http://youtu.be/__eC5KORHYM


"Impulse, monitoring and evaluating of strategic plans"

Lecture of Mr. Antonio Martín Mesa: http://youtu.be/p-7gobAhwZk

Best practices presentation by Mrs. Mª Carmen García Peña:http://youtu.be/D6xCcfk7JX8

Best practices presentation by Mr. Abdelaziz Ben Abdelkrim: http://youtu.be/bBIELl4QHCg

Debate: http://youtu.be/LKRXPFjtSsM

"Project management: strategis plans as tools of urban transformation"

Lecture of Mrs. Maravillas Rojo:

Best practices presentation by Mrs. Ladin Yildiran: http://youtu.be/QrXGwSmMVNM

Best practices presentation by Mr. Abdallah Abdul-Wahat: http://youtu.be/JsWMFjm39tk


"Strategic alliances, networks and public-private cooperation"

Lecture of Mr. Claudio Calvaresi:http://youtu.be/URVl2fOsUaQ

Best practices presentation by Mr. Pedro Marín: http://youtu.be/tS5uawNhBLg

Best practices presentation by Mr. Francisco González Fajardo:http://youtu.be/WwTEIb_U2Q8


Conclusion and Closing: http://youtu.be/hgjKZQOecJs

Link: www.ciedes.es